According to E. Blasco Ferrer and J.M. Elexpuru, paleo-Sardinian language was Vasconic (ref. English ref.).

  • River names: (h)aran, ardi, baso, berri, bide, ertz, goni (goi), gorri, iri, istil, iz, lats, lur, mando, on, orri, (h)osto, (h)otz, (h)obi, (i)turri, ur, zuri.
  • Village names: Aritzo, Ardaule, Asuni, Goni, Loiri, Luras, Olzai, Orgósolo, Ortueri, Osini, Turri, Ulassai, Uras, Uri, Urzulei...

Roslyn M. Frank has also argued for notable similitudes between the Sardinian and Basque carnival traditions.

It's possible that the very word Sardinia and its related wanderwort sardine have a Vasconic origin. Basque: sarda: fish school, -in(a): suffix of making, action. If so, sardina means nothing but fish school component or fish that forms schools.  

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